Office 365 Education

Office 365 Education is a Digital Hub for Teachers and School Leaders

Teams supports teacher-to-teacher collaboration as well as classroom collaboration and communication. In short, it is the only tool that can help with administrative and classroom tasks for educators, saving teachers time and teaching students future skills.

Microsoft Class Teams offers educators the most efficient class workflow to date. Within teams, teachers can quickly chat with students, share files and websites, create a OneNote class notebook, and distribute and grade assignments. Students are free to use the Microsoft tools they are most familiar with (Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel), as well as access frequently used websites and other third-party applications.

office 365 for education

Integrated OneNote Class notebooks and end-to-end task management enable teachers to organize interactive lessons, provide personalized learning, and provide effective and timely feedback. With a location for everything, Class Teams saves you time and simplifies daily logistics, leaving you free to focus on your most important task: improving student outcomes.

Microsoft staff and PLC teams provide the perfect location to work with colleagues on projects, curricular adoptions, and even school-wide initiatives. School administrators can communicate and collaborate with all of their staff in one place. Policies and procedures, forms, instructions for various tasks and responsibilities, school websites and more can be shared within Teams for quick access.

Features of Office 365 Education

  • Whiteboard recorded and transcribed
  • Automatically save whiteboard sessions on Stream
  • Personalize task learning
  • Collaborative classrooms
  • Built-in OneNote Staff Notebook
  • Connect with colleagues in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • Online meetings with shared screen
  • Streamline staff communication
  • Share documents securely

Different types of Teams in Office 365 Education

By using Office 365 Education in your school and classroom, you are preparing your students to use the tools and resources they are likely to use when they enter the workforce, giving them an edge in their readiness and confidence to achieve.

Microsoft designed and customized Teams for Education by developing four different types of Teams that you can create:

Classrooms: allow teachers and students to collaborate on group projects, homework, and more
Staff teams: allow leaders and staff members to collaborate in the administration and development of the school
PLC equipment: enables educators to collaborate within a professional learning community
Sports teams: Any team allows school clubs, sports teams, or any group of students and school personnel with a common interest or project to collaborate,

Office 365 is a Collaboration Tool for Education
office 365 education

Microsoft Teams is your hub for all the work you do with teachers and students. Having a location for everything your team needs promotes efficiency and productivity. Essential tools like Conversations, Files, and OneNote Notebook are built into every Team you create. You can also customize your equipment with additional tools and resources.

In a staff team, for example, you may have a Word document that your staff frequently refer to to test protocols. On a classroom computer, you can have an online textbook that your students access daily. These resources and many more can be added as a tab in one of your channels. Documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, websites, Flipgrids, forms, flows and much more can be added as a tab to help you personalize your team and optimize your team's workflow.

If you are looking for a tool that works as a collaborative space with all the functionalities in one place, Microsoft Teams is an excellent option.

Office 365 for Education allows schools and educational facilities to carry out collaboration quickly and easily. It offers all the functionalities in one place. To learn more or to get a quote to deploy Teams for your requirements, speak with one of our Microsoft Teams experts.

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