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Microsoft Phone System is a Comprehensive Communication System

Move your phone system to the cloud with Microsoft

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Microsoft Phone System offers the possibility of making calls, but also of sharing files or conducting virtual meetings, regardless of where the attendees are. The advantages provided by Teams are truly useful for organizations, but any company also needs a complete system that offers the possibility of connecting with the national and international telephone network, and with mobile phones or SIP trunks.

In other words, today's businesses, marked by a highly globalized market and where “here” and “now” predominate, need comprehensive telephony service more than ever, at an affordable price and with video connections / high definition audio.

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Microsoft Teams Telephony

Thanks to Microsoft Teams direct routing, it is possible to implement a login protocol using Trunk IP, technology that allows IP connection with the public telephone network. In this way, companies obtain a communication platform that makes it possible to establish connections with national and international fixed and mobile networks and which is essential for any type of company - small, medium or large - that intends to be competitive.

What is direct routing and what is it used for?
Using Microsoft Teams direct routing, which works through SIP Trunk, users may be able to use a complete calling system. Thanks to this technology, Teams becomes a PBX platform, but it is simpler and allows the telephone system to be used with practically any operator.

Features of Microsoft Phone System
Connect with Switch4Teams: Make calls in a simple way and, more importantly, with a much lower price than if you used a conventional line.

Move your PBX to the Cloud: Microsoft Phone System gives you a switchboard that will work in the cloud, so your access will be guaranteed from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Keep phone numbers: When using Microsoft Phone System with Switch4Teams, you don't need to change the previous numbers. In fact, the company will be able to continue using the lines it had at any time, without having to carry out portability. This makes paperwork as easy as possible, saving time and eliminating complications.

Greater flexibility and agility in communications: Businesses increasingly need a communications infrastructure that enables them to manage complex global calling requirements, primarily due to mobility in the business environment.
Microsoft Phone System allows companies to carry out unified communications quickly and easily connects users who use the Teams application on any device. To learn more and to get a quote for your requirements, speak with one of our Microsoft Teams experts.

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