Microsoft Teams SIP

Features and benefits of Microsoft Teams SIP Calling

Flexibility and security

Our SIP Trunking service is compatible with all the main Unified Communications platforms including Microsoft Teams and can be seamlessly integrated with the equipment it already has. Thanks to Switch4Teams direct interconnection with Microsoft, we can deliver dedicated SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams users. Customers will benefit from the lowest latency connectivity between the Switch4Teams voice network and Microsoft Office 365.

Largest SIP trunking provider with over 8 million phone numbers

Switch4Teams offers a comprehensive repertoire of international services, ranging from local dial-up network access numbers (DIDs) to toll-free telephones, call termination services, and emergency numbers, providing true global coverage. Our global SIP network, a robust and completely redundant platform, has been expressly designed to meet the demands of the most bandwidth consuming communication services.

A cost saving tool

The Microsoft Teams SIP Trunking service supposes greater profitability and integrates perfectly with the SD-WAN solution of Switch4Teams, MPLS or Internet Services, thus eliminating the need for public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways and BRIs or ISDN PRIs. The service also reduces local and long-distance costs, as site-to-site calls are included at no cost. The management of outgoing calls is simple, since they are charged from a single shared rate card for all locations.


  • Diversified global communication services, integrated into a single connection
  • Interoperability with the main Unified Communications platforms and pre-existing infrastructures.
  • Allows direct routing to Microsoft Teams.
  • Global SIP-based telephony network, with the most advanced Session Border Controllers (Ribbon) on the market, to facilitate its scalability

The most complete telephone coverage

  • DIDs - Activate new numbers or migrate existing numbers in the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia and 50+ more countries
  • Toll-free numbers in more than 120 countries and territories
  • Outgoing global calls - the voice platform uses the Switch4Teams global IP network to deliver low latency calls with local terminatio,
  • Rapid implementation of Microsoft Teams SIP trunking
  • Free calls between you offices