Microsoft 365 Phone System

Microsoft 365 Phone System: Adding phone calls to Microsoft Teams

No collaboration and teamwork tool is complete if you cannot call one, or several of the team members, directly to a phone number.

The needs of calling by phone can respond to different needs, from the simple fact of being in the field and you need to call customers "only by phone" or, because in a meeting I must invite a customer who has not yet implemented Teams and the only way to count on your collaboration is to call him.

Switch4Teams SIP Trunking for Microsoft 365 Phone System adds the possibility to make phone calls to Microsoft Teams, thus allowing communication with almost any destination.

Requirements to deploy Microsoft 365 Phone System

What does it take to be able to make phone calls directly from my Teams client?

The first thing you need is to have an Office 365 subscription, without it you cannot have Teams. The ability to add voice is now part of Office 365 business-type subscriptions - that is, E1, E3, or E5 licenses are required to think about making calls. With the E5 subscription everything is solved, but for E1 and E3 subscriptions you need to have an added Teams Voice license, which has its own cost.

The functionality of connection between Office 365 and the telephony network is deployed on the Switch4Teams telephone communications infrastructure. A device known as a SBC (Session Border Controler) must be implemented. Teams, communicates with the SBC so that it transmits the voice to Switch4Teams own telephony infrastructure and depending on the plans that the client has, the voice is taken to another annex of the client, another place in the city or to the other side of the planet.

Voice Features in Microsoft Teams

We can now call, and speak, directly to another phone with Switch4Teams Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. As seen in the image we have a keyboard to dial within Teams:

Calling in Teams

In addition to dialing we can use more advanced functionalities within Teams, one of the most used is to start a call within Teams and add a participant directly by calling their phone number. The screen shows that I was already in a conversation with Pamela and in turn I am calling to join one more customer in the conversation.

If you have multiple communication channels, you can add multiple participants in the same way.

Another interesting feature is the ability to ring the call to different users, or forward my call to another of the Teams users if I do not answer, thus ensuring that the call is not lost.

You can select to dial a group or a single user, and if the call is not answered, another number is called and stored in a voice mailbox. With voicemail, a very useful functionality is added when generating an email indicating the number, or the person if it is in the agenda, the time, and, if the message was in English. With which it is more difficult to lose communications that can be important. Like any good phone device in Teams I can give the list of the phones from which you do not want to receive calls, so as not to lower daily productivity.

Calling other users and some other things ...

The call once in the Switch4Teams infrastructure can be routed to a PBX, with its corresponding annexes, thus allowing everyone in the company to have the means to communicate. The reverse is also true, we can call any Teams client from an annex.

There are also licenses that allow the use of Teams to be implemented from fixed devices, the typical phone that is in the meeting room to make calls. That phone, which can also be a specialized phone with full connectivity to Teams.

Teams is a business application

Like any business application, the Teams administration console keeps track of the use of voice resources, success statistics and problems that have occurred in the use of communications. As well as the reassignment of accounts when there are changes in the personnel of the company.

Being centralized and in the Cloud, administrators can manage telephony services from anywhere on the Internet.

Teams Voice a combination that expands communications

Being able to communicate regardless of whether the other side has access to a computer or not, facilitates business, the flow of ideas and, in general, the work between team members.

The digital transformation that many companies around the world have embarked on always needs to be backed by excellent and diverse media, Switch4Teams Voice for Microsoft Teams enables one of the best collaboration tools to expand its functionality.