Microsoft Teams' 9 Most Valuable Work from Home Features?

‍More people are working from home than ever – and here is why Teams is more popular than ever. Here are the top 9 Microsoft Teams features for people working from home.

More people are working from home than ever – and here is why Teams is more popular than ever.

Since its introduction in 2017, Microsoft Teams has leveraged the popularity of Office 365 to become the most popular online business collaboration tool on the planet. Teams overtook Slack in popularity in 2019. Then its use skyrocketed since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic forced millions of employees, entrepreneurs, educators,and nonprofits to work from home.

Microsoft Teams’ most valuable work from home features

If you’re working remotely, Microsoft Teams’ most valuable features include:

1.     Office 365 is fully integrated with Teams. If, like most businesses and professional organizations, you already use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, Teams will run seamlessly. Teams also relies on Microsoft-specific protocols, making the whole thing run smoother.

2.     Microsoft Teams can integrate with third-party apps and services. Teams was behind Slack on this when it debuted,but has improved over the past three years, adding hundreds of integrations. It also created Microsoft App Studio – If you’ve got in-house or contract developers and a specific need, they can use the studio to design specific apps for Teams.

3.     Robust, easy to use video conferencing. Up to 250 people can join one meeting, with recordings for later use and compliance records. Skype for Business is already fully integrated, and Teams will be replacing it entirely later in 2020.

4.     Private secure document storage and collaboration. Again, up to 250 people can edit and collaborate. With auto-save, Teams re-saves your documents continuously, eliminating the risk of losing work from forgetting to save, a dropped connection, or computer crash.

5.     Channels and Configurable Tabs keep track of different work streams, and you can communicate directly through them,eliminating the toggling and distractions of switching applications or devices.Texting and video channels can be configured to specific team members, open or private.

6.     Microsoft Teams has a Desktop App, but you don’t need it. Teams’ web app seems to handle the basic features fine. To take Teams to the next level, you can install the desktop app from the Teams website. You can also install the mobile version too –either iOS or Android.

7.     Inline message translation into different languages. Kind of a Star Trek-style “universal translator,” this feature is great if English isn’t everyone’s native language. Teams also has automatic transcription and cloud recording, if you’d rather listen now or save for later than read on.

8.     Education. Specific to schools,universities, and professional learning centers, teachers can communicate discussions, quizzes, homework, and more.

9.     Microsoft Teams has free options, including trial and guest.

Here’s a quick guide to setup, and the link to Microsoft Teams’ main page. You can learn more about Microsoft Teams’ advantages compared to Slack.

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