What is Microsoft Remote Learning Platform?

Remote learning occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting.

In many ways it's a very subtle difference between REMOTE and- say – DISTANCE learning.

Distance Learning implies there may be some face to face interaction, or that some correspondence might be over email or another method – as well as remotely. The student and teacher *may* meet occasionally in a classroom for some more traditional classroom instruction.

Remote Learning on the other hand is where the entire instruction and all materials and interactions are designed and delivered online  where there's no opportunity for the teacher/educator and the student to be in the same room.

While the idea of RL might seem pretty straight forward –there are many more fundamental considerations to be made. Microsoft understands this.

A Comprehensive RL Solution addresses the Learning Goals of the Modern Day

Microsoft Teams Remote Learning solution takes and understands every stakeholder's perspective, goals, issues and challenges and can address each one, simply and securely.

microsoft teams remote learning
Remote Learning from Multiple Perspectives

School Leaders

School leaders need to be able to provide an immediate response to an unprecedented health crisis that has changed the shape of education for at least this school year. They need something simple, affordable, secure and scalable and this might even be a completely new endeavor to many – whilst others may be partially down a RL solution – school leaders need help now.


Students are no less impacted as their days have changed 180 degrees. From the social aspect of being surrounded and interacting with friends and peers  – the classroom now might look lie the living room or the kitchen with no classmates around. Students need that structure and framework, to be connected to their peers and community to ensure their learning paths remain as uninterrupted as possible.


Educators are facing enormous challenges to continue to be able to provide quality instruction and guidance to their students. To do what the best teachers do best – to inspire students to be and do their best. They need to be able to reach out for moments of 1:1 coaching,the course correct individuals, to create inclusive, immersive environments where students thrive – again in, what may be, a  totally new environment.

Parents and Caregivers

And let's not forget the parents or caregivers who are not only that, but need to be able to help and troubleshoot, to act a as the remote IT person even and ensure the environment is always their for their students.

When it's done correctly a RL solution does and enables all of these things and more.

Microsoft has a full suite of products, is available to qualifying schools FREE OF CHARGE.

• O365A1 features the web-based versions of the applications you know already, word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more.

• It features Microsoft TEAMS which is the platform for your classroom management, online classes and instruction and includes real time chat, video and voice, file and content sharing for collaboration, sharing docs for group projects

• It includes teacher favorites like OneNote, the online digital notebook, supporting touch and digital ink, facilitating homework assignments and automating grading and student feedback

• It includes Microsoft FORMS to help you with quizzes and testing, Whiteboard to help brainstorm and ideate with students or through student groups

• Flip Grid helps give you and your students a voice in their video presentations

• Access invaluable tools like IMMERSIVE READER to help student with reading difficulties like Dyslexia or Dysgraphia across a  wide range of products

• Deploying and managing all of those devices in your students homes may be a  challenge but you can take care of this easily and remotely by using Intune for Education.

• Intune for Education was designed for education users and allows you to easily, quickly and securely set up and manage classes of devices to be managed remotely.

• You can manage your school device preferences and policies through a browser based interface on any device with a browser and also managed iOS, MacOS and Android devices.

•Get started quickly and easily with a 90 day FREE TRIAL and support in the link on screen.

Once you have the based system set up for RL, ensuring all of the users, teachers, students, parents and faculty have the security and comfort in knowing that Switch4Teams is with them, supporting them, at each step of the journey.

Contact us for a demo and your 90-day FREE TRIAL

So we hope you are starting to see that the Microsoft RL solution is not only comprehensive and ultimately backed on enterprise level Windows security, but takes into account  and addresses not only goals, but also the real world challenges of each one of its stakeholders to provide the best RL solution for faculty/IT, students, teachers and parents?

Microsoft Remote Learning

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